Parlez Vous Francais?

While I have many posts yet to write about all things Lydia, I thought I would share a quick note about something interesting that happened yesterday.  We went down to the piazza (farmer’s market) and wandered around for a while before stopping at a couple of vegetable stands.  Matt successfully negotiated for tomatoes and cucumbers at one before we headed to another a couple of stalls down.  The ladies greeted us in Serbian, but we quickly exhausted our short list of phrases and stood there looking confused and trying to figure out what they were telling us and how to ask for what we wanted.  Then, one of them started listing some other languages she spoke, including French.  I happened to take 3 years of French in HS and even a semester in college, so we were able to have a short little conversation.   She was telling us that Lydia’s legs were cold (because the way I was holding her had caused her pant legs to ride up).  We exchanged some pleasantries and she even gave Matt some green onions gratis (free).  Merci!!

It was kind of a surreal moment, but it was also so cool.  I never would have thought that the little bit of French tucked away in the recesses of my brain would turn out to be useful in Serbia!  It’s amazing how God prepares and equips you in so many ways…ways you never would have imagined…to face the task at hand.  He is so good!

And if Serbian sticks half so well as the French I studied over a decade ago, then I just might be fluent this time next year :^)


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