Plazma Cakes and Eurocrem


Cyndi and I decided we would splurge tonight and buy us a sweet treat to have while we watched a bit of TV. We haven’t done either in the past two weeks, so this was a good treat. What did we settle on? Plazma Cakes and Eurocrem . Never heard of ’em? I’m not surprised! These two things are made in Serbia and I don’t know where else you can get them.

How can I describe it? Well, Plazma Cakes are kind of like Lady Fingers while Eurocrem is thins chocolatey vanily fruity stuff. If you want to try some, drop us a note and let us know. We can send some back to the states for anyone to try. Don’t worry…it isn’t like Vegimite. This stuff is good.

If you want a real treat, make Palachenka and fill them with Eurocrem and crushed up Plazma Cakes!


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