Around Town

Cyndi took Lydia back to the apartment yesterday afternoon while I went and walked around town a bit.  Here are some pictures I took while I was out.  Hopefully they will let you see a bit of the town.

Everyone (well, not literally everyone, but many people) enjoy Pivo.  Pivo is beer.  There are adds for it all over the place.  You can buy it in kiosks all around town right next to the pop.  It is just amazing.

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Pivo Add on the street  Pivo “decoration”
The Serbians are Christian (Serbian Orthodox).  In town, there is one BIG Orthodox church.  Here is a picture of it:



Many of the buildings have grafiti on them.  I can’t read much of it (only some is in English).  But don’t get the impression that every place in town there is grafiti.  Most of the buildings are very nicely painted and clean.  In fact, if you are at home in a city in the US, you’ll probably be at home here.  Cacak is a strange cross between a big city (it has 100,000 or so people in it) and a small city (everyone knows everyone).  Some of the buildings are very modern while some are rather old.

Well, I need to wrap this post up right now.  Check back later today or tomorrow.  I should have another post written then.





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