Well, just to update everyone, I think I have committed two blunders already.

The first was when we went to visit our neighbors. They asked what I wanted to drink. I said that I liked the coffee but if it took too long to make I would take something else. They then asked about juice. I had recently learned that apple was juabka (pronounced yabooka). Well, I don’t think they had any; however instead of telling me that, I think they sent their son to the corner store for some apple juice. Next time, I’ll simply say juice is fine.

The next was at the store. I bought some diapers, bananas, and a broom. The total came to 1,502.41 dinars. First off, there is no practical unit of money to subdivide the dinar. Officially there used to be (it was called the para. If you want to go read more, go read the Wikipedia page on the Serbian Dinar). I didn’t have any 500 dinar notes, so I gave the lady 2 1,000 dinar notes (1,000 dinars is about $20 in US dollars). She said something to me. It was late and I wasn’t paying close attention, so I didn’t say anything. She handed me back a 500 dinar bill. While I was walking home, I finally figured out she asked me if I had 2 dinars. She didn’t want to make 498 dinars worth of change and was trying to ask me if I had 2.

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