Where in the world is…Lydia?

Who remembers the TV show Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego How about the computer games? Or what about the Where’s Waldo books from a few years ago? Well, we have decided that we would start our own version. Here’s how it will work:

Every week (our plan is every Saturday), we’ll post a picture of Lydia somewhere.
You make guesses by posting in the comments of the post (I’ll try to keep up and let these comments flow through rather quickly)
The next week, we’ll post a comment with the correct answer and a new picture.
If for some reason we don’t get a picture posted on Saturday (like if we are traveling) we’ll do is as soon as possible.

Here is this week’s picture:


In the interest of full disclosure, this wasn’t what we thought it was when we first saw it.

[Update 05-10-2008 18:44:30] The answer has been posted in the comments below.  No one got this one.  Why not take a look at this week’s picture in this post.  If you want to see a list of all Where’s Lydia posts, follow this link.

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