I ordered a Nokia e65 from Amazon that I just got last night. I think the phone is awesome. I know it is a bit old, but I liked the price for the features. If you wonder what it looks like, here is a picture I found on flickr:

Nokia E65

I ordered it for several reasons:
1) The phone wll work wherever we go in the world (it is a quad band gsm phone)
2) I found this program called truphone that will, once installed, let me make VoIP calls on the phone. While we are already paying for vonage, this will be nice when/if we travel.
3) It has a camera and mp3 player built in. I used to never want a phone to be more than a phone, but flickr provides some interesting features that I figure will make it neat to live-blog some things (provided I have the service).

[Update 2011-01-16 21:49:14] I’ve sold my e65 and bought a Google Nexus S. Oh, I also know the image doesn’t work; however, I decided not to change it just because….

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