Creation Museum

Cyndi, Lydia, and I went to Answers in Genesis’ Creation Museum last week. While we were there, I took tons of pictures. For all of them, check out our flickr site. The museum is very well done and very high quality. Top notch! If you are ever in the area, by all means, go see it! The museum is themed around the seven Cs of history:

DSC05735 DSC05719
Creation Corruption
Sorry…I missed Catastrophe
DSC05791 DSC05801
Confusion Christ
DSC05802 DSC05803
Cross Consummation

If you are interested, Buddy Davis (a singer and animal sculptor) has a song about the seven Cs of history. If you want to listen to it, click the play button below.


Download the mp3 here.

My favorite exhibit was about Noah’s Ark. They have given much thought to the ark, the flood, global impact, and Biblical truth. Here is a picture of their model showing how the ark may have come to rest on the mountains of Arrat:


We took a walk through their very nice gardens and ended up taking a picture of Cyndi and Lydia in front of the dinosaur/dragon outsite before we left.

DSC05811 DSC05827

[Update 2013-01-20 16:16:29I’ve outlined why I’m a young earth creationist.

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