Today we…

Today we started by taking a look at the mower the brke while we were mowing Uncle Doug’s place. Turns out that the entire bearing unit had sheared off the mower deck. So, we took that off and set it asside…we figure we can order a replacement at Marietta Ignition. After that, we started mowing the field next to the house (the horses used to be there, but they went up to the farm). Well, after about 30 minutes, the mower broke so we spent some time working on that. It turned out that the bolt holding the middle blade to the shaft wouldn’t tighten up. We looked around for a replacement, but didn’t find one. It was just about lunchtime, so we took a break and eat.

After lunch, we made a trip to Harrisville. We got some replacement bolts (they proved to be too long, but that is for another time), gas, sugar (to make food for the bees), and grass seed. We spent the afternoon discing up the field. Once that was done, we sowed some grass seed in it and drug it to cover the seed up. We figured it was going to rain tomorrow so we can spend the day working on the mower.

I talked to Cyndi a few times. I’m currently trying to get some new glasses before we head overseas. I didn’t get that done before we left Richmond and that is turining into a hassle. We are also looking at buying a cell phone before we leave here (I’d like a camera phone with mp3 player that will work via wifi to get this slick program to work on the phone).

I don’t know what we are going to do tomorrow. We need to work on the mower. I’m sure there is also several other things we need to do, but I don’t know what that is right now. I’ll write more tomorrow morning and evening.s

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