Lydia and the Bamboo Fork


Here is a picture of Lydia eating with the bamboo fork. Now, that may not seem like much of anything to anyone else out there; however, when my sister, Melanie, and I were little, we would fight over who got to eat with the “bamboo” fork. It isn’t really bamboo…it just has a bamboo pattern on the handle. Other than that, and being the only piece of silverware like that my grandparents owned, there is nothing special about it. I’ve mentioned it to my cousins (they are teenagers) and they don’t pick about it like we did. Who knows…things must have been different in the 80’s.

Anyway Melanie…now Lydia has the bamboo fork and you don’t!

I’ll upload the picture and update this post later when I have a chance.

 [Update 04-21-2008 08:42:27] Added picture after finally getting it uploaded to flickr

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