DC Day

Yesterday we were given an opportunity to go into DC. For us, it was neat, but not very different. Having lived in Richmond for two years, we had been to DC several times (though never with Lydia). But, for others in our training class, it was a first: first time in DC, first time on a Metro/subway, etc….

We took some busses to DC and were dropped off at Union Station. For more information about that, see this post. We had some tasks we had to accomplish relating to observing/helping internationals, etc…. But we also took some time for a bit of sightseeing. If you want to see some pictures, they are below… 

It was a great experience and we were able to help a few people and just model Christ’s love by having a good attitude and being kind and friendly.

We did a tremendous amount of walking (except for Lydia!), including a few extra blocks when we got turned around coming out of the metro station.  Our time was really flying and it was way past time for lunch when we realized there were no “international” restaurants in sight.  So we ended up at Chipotle 🙂  Not exactly an adventure in ethnic cuisine, but it sure was tasty!

It was nice to enjoy some familiar landmarks and we are especially thankful that the rain held off until the end of the day.  It was overcast and a little breezy at times, but it was a nice early spring day and we were on the metro headed back to Union Station before the first drop fell!

We are also very thankful that Lydia is such a good traveler.  We were on a tour bus with no seatbelts, which meant no car seat.  Safety wasn’t as big a concern as keeping her entertained, but she did great…just playing, snacking, getting passed around…  It was a pretty fun time for all of us:^)

DSC05088 DSC05083
Lydia and Cyndi looking at the US Capitol YAY! We are in Washington DC!
The Jefferson Memorial as we are on our way to Union Station
DSC05110 DSC05137
The Indonesian Embassy looks just like a house from the outside While in DC, we saw Marine One flying.
DSC05126 DSC05130
Lydia in front of the Washington Monument Lydia with President Lincolin
DSC05133 DSC05075
Lydia and the Mall Just some random Lydia picture to fill up space
DSC05072 DSC05073
Lydia and the bus ride Our friends were very helpful
DSC05101 DSC05096
First time on the Metro! Lydia even did a good job standing up
We ate lunch at a Chipotle
DSC05142 DSC05156
It was hard riding in the stroller all day Asleep on the way home

We had a great time, but, right now, it is time for breakfast. I’d better get going so I we can eat and get everyone ready for class today. I imagine we’ll blog more about it later.

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