Our housing, child care, and “stuff” in general

Sorry for not having the time to blog over the past few weeks. With our sickness, it has felt like we haven’t had any extra time at all. But, we are back and wanted to share a bit with you.

DSC04986 As I mentioned before, we moved in about 2 weeks ago. Here is the sign (we wanted to take our picture in front of the sign for our first newsletter, but that didn’t happen). Lydia and I walked out and took this picutre sans Cyndi a few days ago:

DSC04980First, people always ask about child care. We are blessed to have very nice people watch Lydia while we attend class every day. We didn’t quite know how this would work out, initially; however, I’m pleased to tell everyone that Cyndi is doing fine 🙂 Lydia is also enjoying class too. To the left is a picture of her first day…as youc an see, she looks happy. She can’t tell us, but her teacher says she does great!

DSC05019Next, we are always asked about our housing. We stay in these buildings called quads. They have a common area (like a living room) then four seperate apartments in each unit. We have ourselves, 2 other families, and three singles in our quad. To the right, you can see a picture of our common area. 

Below is Cyndi making the bed in our room:


And here is Lydia’s room (we took the beds apart and stored them to give Lydia a maximum amount of floor space):


As for some views around the compund camp training center, so far, I have a panorama of a lake on the property.


[Update 2012-04-06 14:47:40] Updated post to fix se broken pictures

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