Moving…or Something Different?!

Cyndi, Lydia, and I are preparing to move to relocate to transition to do something different and start living in another country. When we started this process last October, I would have said that it was no big deal: Cyndi and I have moved 5 times in 9 years of marriage and prior to that, I moved another 12 times either growing up or on my own (provided I counted correctly). No big deal…we pack up, sell tons of stuff, keep some stuff, and store our furniture.

Only it doesn’t work that easy. This has been the toughest move of my life, but it isn’t really a move. In a normal move, you sell some stuff, throw away some junk, and take the rest with you. However, in this move, we sold about 1/2 our stuff at a yard sale (thanks to all who took our junk). We planned on storing our big furniture while we are gone (bed, couch, etc…). But what to take and what to keep? The process has been easy sometimes but grueling at others. Insane is probably the best word to use (that is why I put it in the insaneness category).

We are trying to only take the 6 bags the airline allows us to check for free. That has been very rough…looking at things and trying to figure out what we really need, what we would like to have, and what we can leave behind. All of this not really knowing what to expect once we get there too. What can we buy there? What can’t we get? What to buy? What to leave behind? What do we really need?

Through all of this, Lydia has been a trooper. She has played contently in her walker while we packed boxes. She even played with some paper in a box (pictures to come). More recently, we moved in with my parents and she has been content to play with them (or have they been extatic to play with her??). God has certainly blessed us with a wonderful daughter.

Please pray for us through this time of transition. Pray that we would take what we need to take and leave what we don’t need. Pray that God would give us wisdom to know what we need to take and what we don’t (and that we would listen to Him).

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