Stupid Article

I was reading some technology news this morning when I came across this article talking about the Internet getting full (actually running out of capacity).

The main point of the article?

“The study is the first to “apply Moore’s Law (or something very like it) to the pace of application innovation on the ‘Net,” the study says. “Our findings indicate that although core fiber and switching/routing resources will scale nicely to support virtually any conceivable user demand, Internet access infrastructure, specifically in North America, will likely cease to be adequate for supporting demand within the next three to five years.”

But later on, they say:

U.S. lawmakers can also help in several ways, he said. For example, the U.S. Congress could require that home contractors who receive government assistance for building affordable housing include broadband connections in their houses, he said. Congress could also provide tax credits to help broadband providers add more capacity

How does adding broadband connections in new houses help the core providers increase capacity? If anything, that stupid law would increase demand and speed the “demise” of the Internet (that won’t happen, but the article claims it will). Why can’t people think logically when they write things? Why can they not extrapolate out the impact of what they are thinking?

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