Politics or Church and Free Speech

I debated where to put this (politics or church) but in the end, I decided on politics (I’ll try and reserve the church category for items related to my church).

Before I go on, I want to be clear by stating that I don’t know anything about what the church mentioned in the article believes.  They could be way out in left field for all I know.  I’m purely posting on their current situation.

Spirit One Christian Center has come under attack by the IRS.  The IRS claims they are involved in political activities.  The church says they are simply speaking out on a moral issue of the day.  That moral issue happens to be abortion.  And Wichita, where the church is located, happens to be home to a notorious abortionist…George Tiller (for more information on him check out Operation Rescue and this WND article ).

Based on what I have read in this article ,  I happen to think the IRS is way out of line.  Someone there has decided this church needs to be silenced.  This is clearly a violation of the First Amendment (freedom of speech and freedom of religion) if I have ever seen it.  This is the type of thing the 1st Amendment was made to protect….not hideous art work or pornography.  The church has a clear right to speak out on the issue (they do have a clear right but they also have a higher duty to God and MUST speak out on the issue).

Let’s pray for our brothers and sisters as they are under attack by the IRS. 

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