6 Month Stats

Lydia had another great check-up on Monday (8/6).  Dr. Mussman was very pleased with her growth and development and she’s right on track 🙂

Her measurements are as follows… Weight = 14 lb 7 oz     Length = 25 1/2″     Head Circumference = 17 1/2″

She also did pretty well with the latest round of shots.  Just a few brief wails as she was stuck and back to normal as soon as Matt picked her up.  She ran a little fever and was pretty quiet/tired that evening and the next day, but by Wednesday she was back to her cheerful, busy (nosy) self! 

God has blessed us greatly with her sweet, curious nature and her strong, healthy body.  Even with her allergy issues (so far, dairy and strawberries) we have seen His hand of mercy and we are so thankful for how He has protected her and given us the wisdom and strength to love and care for her as she grows!!

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