Calling the US

I had a friend here loan me a spare cell phone while I’m here.  I decided to see how much a call to the US was.  Turns out, it is 10 baht per minute (at the current exchange rates, that is about 30 cents per minute).  That is almost better (if not better than) what Cyndi can call me for.  So, I talked to her tonight…that was great.

For those that don’t know, you can call an international number by dialing <Int’l Access Code> + <Country Code> + <number>.  On a cell phone, you can replace <Int’l Access Code> with a + character.  And the US country code is simply 1.  So, to dial a US number from here, it looks like +1xxxxxxxxxx (where xxxxxxxxxx is the normal phone number for the person).  It is super easy to call internationally on a cell. 

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