I had some extra time so I thought I would take this opportunity to blog about what we have eaten so far (pictures will come later).  In JFK, I bought a kfc twister for lunch.  I’m planning this to be my last western food for some time.  On the plane, I had some curry chicken stuff, shrimp pad tai, and a chicken/noodle stir fry.  It was a ll very good.  This morning for breakfast, I had sweet and sour chicken (what the Thai people eat for a morning meal…go figure).  At lunch, we had an assortment of dishes–sorry, I won’t have any pictures of this as I forgot my camera.  At dinner, we had baked chicken, and a mango noodle dish.  Our friend here is willing to help oblige my trying to not eat western food while here…tomorrow he sounds as if he has some good things in mind.

One other thing…the Thai people only eat noodles (think cup-o-noodle noodles) with chopsticks. Instead, they use a fork and spoon.  They hold the fork in the left hand (really fist).  They use the back of the fork to push the food away from them onto the spoon (I’ll post some pictures later). 

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