Just like her Grandpa Maxson!

Lydia “shore” takes after her Grandpa M…and her mommy, too.  Dave and I both enjoy chips quite a lot, and Lydia has been exposed to chips plenty of times.  Matt often lets her smell them or hold them, but today she took it to a whole new level!  Matt is on his way to Thailand and Lydia and I came up to have lunch with his parents after church.  She has been expressing more interest in food…watching intently, sticking out her tongue, licking her lips, reaching for stuff, etc…  She watched us eat taco salad and  Judy picked her up and handed her a large tortilla chip to explore when we were finished.  Lydia put that thing right to her mouth and started eating practice.  When Judy took it away, my little girl just started licking her lips and fingers and reaching for more.  She did it again a few times, much to our amusement (and we have pics galore).  Once I thought she’d played enough, I wrapped up the chips and she tracked the bag the entire time.  I even moved it bag and forth and she followed it the whole time!  And she then practiced drinking from a real glass.  Judy held it to her mouth and she licked all over the rim!  She was so funny, but it won’t be long before she’s doing those things for real!!

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