This is interesting

I couldn’t figure out whether or not to put this under church or politics…it ended up under politics.

The Houston Chronicle has an article about Southern Baptists, immigration, and amnesty.

The Hispanic Baptist Convention, an arm of the Baptist General Convention of Texas, plans to unveil at its convention in Austin today a national program to aid immigrants with obtaining citizenship, legal residency and other immigration problems.

Through the program Immigrant Services and Aid Center, the Baptist General Convention of Texas will join with Buckner International, a Christian social welfare organization, to offer accredited training and other resources to churches around the country to assist immigrants.

The program won’t be exclusive to Baptist congregations.

“We can’t wait until everything is figured out by the government,” Paynter said.

The decision to start the program, already under way in Texas, was made after the Baptist General Convention of Texas approved a resolution acknowledging documented and undocumented immigrants are members of Baptist congregations. The convention is made up of about 5,700 congregations with about 2.2 million members.

In the same resolution, congregations affirmed the view of the Hispanic Baptist Convention that encouraged in its own resolution a few months earlier “the adoption of new legislation that unshackles the immigrant.”

I don’t quite know what to think of this. I am conservative. I am christian. I think I have a moral obligation to help those less fortunate. However, that doesn’t mean they need free access to the US. I don’t support amnesty. I’m simply for enforcement of laws currently on the books….if we find someone here illegally, follow the laws that Congress has passed and the President has signed into law. In most cases, I think this would mean simply deporting them (yes, everyone we find). Pretty easy solution, don’t you think?

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