Why I’m a Young Earth Creationist and Not For Intelligent Design

This article points out why I don’t won’t can’t compromise and go for Intelligent Design:

The reality — and one that the religious right has sought to keep hidden as Intelligent Design has gained support — is that Young Earth Creationism and Intelligent Design are entirely at odds, so much so that leading Intelligent Design proponents, such as DeWolf, publicly deride what is in reality the forbearer to their pseudoscience of choice.

I think it is a compromise for me to support ID. That would be like me deciding I wasn’t going to refer to a square as a square anymore (I could call it a rectangle). I need to call things what they are because words mean things.

[Update 07-07-2007  04:46:01] I’ve posted an update to this article here .

[Update 2013-01-20 16:16:29I’ve outlined why I’m a young earth creationist.

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