Happy 4-Month Birthday!

Even though my 16-yr-old cousin loves to argue that this is not actually a birthday, I am playing the “mommy card” and rejoicing that Lydia has reached the milestone of 4 months (we even had brownies yesterday to celebrate…apparently regular brownies (no chocolate chunks, etc.) have absolutely no dairy)!!  She is happy and  healthy, and it so amazing to watch her grow and change a little every day.  Lyds, as she has been dubbed by the aforementioned cousin, is curious and playful, and generally pretty content.  Before she was born, I prayed and meditated on Phil 4:11 (…whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content)…my heart was that she be comfortable with people other than mommy and not suffer separation anxiety, but God has seen fit to bless her with a personality that is generally cheerful and relaxed.  I certainly won’t try to say that she never cries or never wants just me, but, for the most part, she is sweet and well-adjusted.

 Over the last week, she has really started to explore more.  She is looking around more intently and using her hands and fingers very purposely.  While she still loves to chew on her hands and fingers, she is using them more and more to grasp objects and “play”…drawing things closer to her eyes, waving items around to see and hear what they do, putting things in her mouth.  Yesterday, I held out her rattle and she grabbed it and alternately “chewed” (gummed/licked) all over it and waved it around.  Today, I put a fabric book (about penguins!) in her hands and she waved it around, felt the fabric and tried to turn pages.  She has been doing some of these activites for a while, but it’s really in the past few days that her focus has sharpened and she has actively pursued and played with her toys.  It doesn’t hurt that she sits up when propped against her boppy pillow.  She’s no longer just reaching for stuff dangling over her, but manipulating things however she chooses.  And I think she’s thoroughly enjoying that new freedom…I know I am thrilled to be watching it!

 We are truly blessed and awed by the privilege God has granted us to be Lydia’s parents!!!





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