2007 Day of Prayer and Fasting

Today is the day the IMB has set asside for IMB Staff to observe the 2007 Day of Prayer and Fasting for International Missions .  They are asking everyone else to set aside the 27th of May (we have some special stuff normally planned for Wednesday so it fits the schedule nicely).

This year, the focus is on the Udmurt people group in Russia.  If you want, the IMB has a site vith videos you can watch (I’d link to them directly; however, it’s a goofy flash site so I can’t).  If you want to watch the videos, I’ve downloaded them and am hosting them directly.  Below are links to each of the videos:

Scratch that idea.  The movies are supposed to be in quicktime format, but I can’t play them.  I tried to open them in VirtualDub (so I could convert them to another format) and that didn’t work either.  I’m going to e-mail the media guys to see if I can get a good copy of the videos.  If I can, I’ll host them here. 

[Update 05-24-2007 07:55:53] I’ve figured out how to rip the DVD and convert the videos so I can upload them to Google Video.  Links to the videos can be found in this post


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