Bike Route for 28 April 2007

This morning, Wallace couldn’t make the Saturday ride so I went out myself.  I decided I was tired or riding in the city so I decided to ride out towards Goochland County and ride a bit in the country.

I wanted to leave at 6:30; however, I didn’t get up in time so I left at 7:30.  The trip out was hard but I don’t know why.  It didn’t seem windy.  It didn’t look like I was going uphill.  At the 1/2 way point, I had only averaged about 16mph.  On the way back, my speed increased and I ended up and averaged 17mph for the entire ride!

I passed a large group of riders headed out once I made my turn from South Anna onto Howards Mill Road.  I don’t have an idea of how fast they were going, but it was a large group (20-30).  They were decked out in road bikes, jerseys, etc….  Like always, I waved, but they ignored me.  Guys, would it kill you to atleast acknowledge other riders?  I may not have the best bike and may not look like much, but don’t judge a book by it’s cover.  As a brief aside, I have noticed the same things on my commute.  In general, the guys out riding with full kit don’t wave, don’t look, don’t do anything but pund away.  However, people with less nice bikes, commuters, etc… will wave, nod, smile, etc….

Anyway, enough on that…here is the route I rode this morning:

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