Weight, Fitness, et al

First off, here is my link to today’s fit day journal.

 I also wanted to give some credit where credit is due.  God is faithful!  In this post, I talked about my weight loss (or lack there of) and how I finally realized I needed to just turn it over to God.  So, I have simply been eating right (well, mostly those of you who look at yesterday’s fit day journal will notice I went to Chipotle for dinner and had some ice cream) and leaving the rest up to God.  Today marks a 20lb weight loss.  I started off with my first weigh-in of 2007 weighing 248lbs.  This morning, I weighed 227!  God is awesome.

To meet my goal of 215 by June 1, I still need to loose about 2lbs per week; however, if God wants it to happen, it will happen.  I just need to do my part by eating right and exercising. 

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