How to Prevent Future VT-type attacks

I think the solution to prevent future VT-style murders in the future is more guns.  Anyone with a concealed carry permit should be allowed to exercise their rights on campus.  The faculty of all universities should be sent to training and carry concealed weapons.  How would this help?  Currently everyone knows schools are gun free zones.  This guy could know real fast if there were campus police in the building or not.  He then chained the doors to keep people out.  No police…no guns.  Let’s think about this a bit more:

The best case is that the criminal would know others have guns and decide not to go on the rampage.  Would he think twice if he knew that there was a chance that somewhere in that building someone had a gun and could take him down?  Possibly.

The worst case is that the criminal go ahead and decide to commit the crime.  But then when he chained the doors, there would have been people in the bulding with guns who could have taken him down after he started.  This would have prevented the large number of deaths.

Criminals are always going to get guns (if they can’t buy them from a gun store, they’ll have someone else go get it or buy it from the trunk of someone’s car).  Criminals are going to break the law (he carried the guns onto campus…a known gun free  zone.  THEN, he went on and murdered 34 people).  What better way to prevent things like this in the future?

[Update 08-14-2007 07:52:09] I have a new post with a link to a news story where a student is proposing the same thing.

[Update 2012-12-26 12:48:32] The link to the new post was wrong.  I updated it.

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