Is “our” wall like the Berlin Wall?

In this article on, we discover that the President of Mexico–Pres. Calderon–likens the proposed 700 mile wall on a portion of the US/Mexico border to the Berlin Wall.  But is that really true?

 Why was the Berlin Wall built?  The East German government built the Berlin Wall to keep its citizens from leaving.  Are we trying to keep our citizens from leaving?  Nope. The point of the wall is to try and prevent illegal ENTRY into our country.

The Berlin Wall was a symbol of an oppressive government.  While our government has issues–severa issues–it isn't oppressive like the East German govement. 

 In conclusion, I think it is inaccurate to liken our wall to the Berlin Wall.  Pres. Bush should, at his meeting with Pres. Calderon, say as much.  He should also point out that we welcome immigrants.  We just expect them to follow the rules.

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