Reflections on Month One

I can't believe how quickly the first month has gone. I had good intentions of writing a post once a week, but once a month may be more realistic! Lydia has grown like a weed and we have been so blessed during these first precious weeks. She has eaten and slept very well during February and the pattern seems to be continuing into March. She is generally peaceful and content and usually lets Mommy get a shower and occasionally catch up on some chores 🙂 I thoroughly enjoy having people tell us how beautiful or sweet she is, but more than anything I treasure the blessing she is to our family. I healed very quickly and easily from my c-section…she has been happy and healthy…and Matt and I have relished bonding through our parental responsibilities even as we work very hard to take time for each other. More than anything, though, when I look at her and am overwhlemed with love, I recognize how insignificant that is compared to the Father's love for us!!
I am so excited about how God is going to grow our darling girl and what He is going to teach us through our experiences with her as this month unfolds!

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