Its almost time!

It's been quite a while since I've taken time to write. Pregnancy has been pretty fun and largely uneventful.  Everything has gone very well.  I feel good and Dr. Royal is very pleased with how we've done.  Matt and I have taken the labor/delivery classes and toured the hospital.  We're just waiting now…resting, reading baby books, making sure everything at home is ready, etc.   

She's not much of a kicker…her favorite activity is to stretch and push on mommy 🙂 Although, she's doing that less often these days as she has pretty much run out of space. While I am obviously in later pregnancy, I haven't grown out all that much, so she's really got to be feeling cramped! I'm not miserable or itching to be done with pregnancy, but I am definitely ready to hold her and share her with Matt (and the rest of our family and friends)!! We have been so blessed through this whole experience, how can we not recognize how fearfully and WONDERFULLY made by God we are??!!

As we wait for her to make her grand entrance, rest assured that we will post all the pertinent details and pictures when the time comes!!

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