Solid Foods for a Baby

This is something I don't get.  I thought I would post about it to see what anyone else thinks, and to try and find out what was done in the past (let's learn from the past).  Anyway, on to the subject of this post…..

When did you start giving your kids solid foods?  How did you do it?  What did you start with?  Why?

Why am I asking these questions?  Well, because Cyndi and I are expecting, I have been doing some reading online and I'm confused.  Why?  It doesn't make sense.  Let's start with this quote from WholesomeBaby Food:

Your baby may be 3 months old or 4 months old when you start to feel she may need "something more" than formula or breastmilk.  Maybe she is beginning to awaken more often at night or eat more often than "usual" and you wonder if introducing solid foods may what she needs.

Ok….if the body is acting like it needs something more, doesn't it?  Not according to the article.  They say you need to wait until 6 months to give solids.  But this is where I can't stretch my mind farther.  The body isn't "ready" for life in the outside world when the baby is born either…the lungs haven't taken a breath, the stomach hasn't done anything, the eyes haven't seen anything….the list goes on.  If you start solids, won't the body adjust?  Of course it isn't ready….it hasn't had to adjust yet.

Then, I read this article on Dr. Sears' website where I learn that in "the past" kids started food at 6 weeks.  Well, they all didn't die….we have people around today.

Anyway, I just don't get it.

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