Well, I was searching on the web for stugg about GTMO (yes, it's really GTMO NOT GITMO…get it straight media!) when I came across a classic "You've been in list" that I thought I would share.


You Have Been In GTMO Too Long When:


You answer to "Hey, Mon" and your name is Steve.

You start referring to the U.S. as overseas.

Base Police can fill out your traffic tickets by heart.

Someone says that GTMO stinks and you argue with him.

You think Jamaican knit caps look sharp and buy one for yourself.

The barge is two months late and you don’t care.

Someone shows you a head of lettuce smuggled into GTMO by VC-10 and you ask where the rotten part is.

You begin to think the Exchange carries the latest fashions.

You buy your 86th Panama screen.

Your Hummel collection is worth $8,000,000.

Your Bosson Head collection is worth $12,000,000.

Your Bosson Heads begin to talk to you.

You talk back to your Bosson Heads.

Your Bosson Heads talk to your Hummel firgurines.

Your telephone hasn’t worked for 67 straight days and you don’t notice.

PWD asks you for suggestions on how to improve telephone service and you don’t tell them to go to hell.

You don’t cry after waiting 49 straight days at home for the plumber to show up and when he does, you are visiting the zoo.

You begin to think VC-10 pilots are normal people.

You realize that if Castro ever decided to come over the fence, you better know the Cuban National Anthem and how to cut sugar cane pretty d*** fast.

You realize that Castro isn’t going to come over the fence in the first place because he couldn’t afford the commissary prices.

Your pet iguana that you raised from a baby gets big enough to start eating dogs and small children.

You stop expecting to see a banana rat in the banana rat cage in the zoo.

Your correct name, number and address appears in the telephone book.

You find a telephone number in the phone book.

You can dial a telephone number 97 times straight, not get through and not curse.

You realize that Marine Barracks is really just a year round summer camp for the Boy Scouts.

You realize that FTG is really just a year round summer camp for the Sea Cadets.

You realize that GTMO is really just a year round summer camp for the Marines.

You read the items above and laugh at every one.

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