Yesterdays Break Fast

For those who don't know, it is currently the Muslim month of Ramadan.  Last night, I was invited to go eat dinner with some of VCU's Saudi students as they broke their Ramadan fast.  This was a night of many firsts.  I had my first date.  I had my first Arabic coffee (the kind with cardamom in it…I had turkish coffee in Serbia and the two are nothing alike).  I had this dip stuff for the dates.  and one of the guys cooked this rice and chicken dish (I forget what it was called).  Everything was sooo good. 

We started off at 7 with dates then simply sat around their living room, snacked, and ate.  When it was time for the main meal, it was about 9pm.  We ate "European style" (as I call it….) on their porch.  That chicken and rice was excellent.

It was good to go get to hang out with these guys.  I don't know where this will develop, but I'm excted about meeting more of the Saudi students at VCU!

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