Rowletts Bike Shop in Richmond

[Update 2012-12-27 08:12:09] If you came here looking for our pictures, they are on flickr.

I just wanted to post about an experience I had today with Rowletts Bike Shop in Richmond, VA.

Last year at the beach, I broke the pedals on my bike.  I wasn’t too disapointed….they were the original plastic pedals and had been used quite heavily.  When we returned, I went to the bike store to get some more.  The guy who helped me recommended metal pedals.  No problem…I figured they wouldn’t break as easily.  I bought a set, took them home, and installed them.

Fast forward almost a year.  The right pedal broke last week and the left was starting to (I don’t have pictures though).  I kept riding because I didn’t want to sink money into new pedals.  Well, the other day, I decided I had enough and would go back to Rowletts to see if there was a waranty.

Well, the guys (and girl) in the shop didn’t know, but they guy in charge said he didn’t see why the company wouldn’t replace them.  Partially beacause he had never seen pedals get in that shape (everyone was in awe) and partially because he wanted to do the right thing.

I talked to them for a while about pedaling technique, pedals, clipless pedals, etc….  Anyway, I have made up my mind to buy a set of clipless pedals, shoes, etc….. 

If you live in Richmond, I would highly highly highly (did I mention I would highly) recommend Rowletts.  Where am I going back to?  Rowletts.  Why?  They treat people right!

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