For those of you who spend any time at Maxsons.org, you are familiar with our enthusiasm for the "Tour"…
OLN (Outdoor Life Network) airs it and Matt pointed out this AM that an ad across the bottom of the screen, which I thought was for a new fall show, was actually pointing out the network's future name! In September, OLN will become VS. (Versus), ostensibly to better reflect the bold, competitive spirit of their programming. Maybe it's the pregnancy hormones, but VS. sounds like a pretty silly new name and I was peeved enough about it that I actually emailed OLN this morning to inform them of my disappointment. I'd include the content of that message, but it seems to have gotten lost in cyberspace:) Suffice it to say, I know my opinion will be disregarded, but I wanted them to know that at least one viewer appreciates OLN more for content than for some gimmicky new name. And OLN certainly rolls off the tongue more fluidly. Hopefully, this "out with the old" trend will limit itself to the name and not extend to major programming changes. I'd hate to see a once-fine network wallowing in 24/7 Survivor reruns or add American Gladiator-style nonsense in an ill-thought and unnecessary attempt to spice things up! I may not be a huge fan of hunting, fishing, sailing, bull-riding, billiards, lumberjacking, etc…but I'd rather see honest competition ANY DAY over manipulative, brain cell-killing junk like Dog Eat Dog and the like!!

By the way, today was a little rough sickness-wise, but I'm hanging in there!!

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