Bananas In Trouble?

The Observer (a UK paper) is reporting on a potential problem with a certain strain of bananas.

…to judge by supermarket figures, this love of the banana is shared by millions. Sales of the fruit have recently reached all-time highs. More than 95 per cent of UK households buy bananas every week. Only lottery tickets and petrol sales outstrip them. Bananas are us, it seems.

The trouble is that this popularity is under threat. According to reports by biologists, the banana could be heading down the road to extinction. Or, to be more precise, the Cavendish – the variety sold in shops throughout Britain – may be en route to oblivion.

Why is this? Well, it turns out that the Cavendish is sterile. The trees must be grown from cuttings of other trees. This leads to the plants being very similar.

I didn't take a lot of time, but I did try to find out what kind of bananas are eaten in the US. I was unable to find out; however, I came across this article about bananas and plantains that was very interesting.

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