Bike Ride Stats — 17 May 2005 am

Here are my stats for this morning's ride to work:

Dist: 6.85 miles
Avg Spd: 15.7 mph
Time: 25 min 55 sec
Apx Cal: 569
Total Bike Odo: 1339.6 miles
I don't really know what's up. It has been feeling like my legs don't have any power in them. I can ride the flats ok, but when I come to a hill, they just poop out. Maybe I just need a rest day? I rode every day last week, and Mon, Tues, Wed this week…what do you guys think?

I've ridden like this before and everything has been ok. Perhaps it is just because this is about all I've ridden so far this year? Who knows….I'm going to keep up riding and see what happens next week.

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