Busch Gardens Trip — 13 May 2006

Yesterday, Cyndi and I went to Busch Gardens with 2 new friends–Don and Stacey. We had boat-loads of fun!

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You can see more pictures of our trip to Busch Gardens on 13 May 2006 if you want.

We left Richmond a bit after 9am (it only took us an hour to get there). We all bought the Fun Pass. If you live in VA and want to go to Busch Gardens, this looks like the way to go. You pay for a normall day admission before 31 May and then you can go back as much as you want till Sept. Great deal!

Follow this link for a map of BGW (Busch Gardens WIlliamsburg).

The first coaster we rode was the Loch Ness Monster. This was the longest wait of the day at about 1 hr 30 min. The wait would have only been an hour, but they spent 30 minutes with the coaster shut down to add another train.

Next, we hopped over and rode Alpengeist. We rode this one in the back (I wouldn’t reccomend it, btw…you can’t see anything). Again, an excelent coaster. Even better, it’s based on a ski theme!

We went and did the Curse of the Darkastle. If you go and only have time to do a few things, put this at the top of your list. Is is a haunted house indoor technology type ride. You go through and see various screens in 3d. Very realistic. I found myself dodging “stuff” that was coming my way on screen!

We then ate lunch in Germany. I had the Alpine (a HUGE corned beaf sandwitch). Cyndi got a kids meal.

Next, we rode the Big Bad Wolf. We spent about 30 minutes in line here, but it was a great ride!

Next, we went to ride Apollo’s Chariot. This coaster is entirely a new design. I don’t want to give too much away, but you owe it to yourself to ride this guy. You spend about a 3rd of the ride feeling weightless. Excelent coaster.

After that, we came home. Since we can go back over and over, we didn’t see the need to burn ourselves out on the first day. Cyndi and I are talking about going back the middle of the week. Since it is so close, we are planning to leave one day after work and go down.

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