The “fast” Bible?

I read this story today on The Bible for Slow Readers. You should give it a read. Here are some quotes:

In the beginning was the Word. But the Word went on a bit, so a new version of the Bible has been produced for readers with short attention spans.

The 100-minute Bible, aimed at the "hurried and harried" generation, was launched at Canterbury Cathedral yesterday by its author, the Rev Michael Hinton.

First were the "modern" Bible versions. Then came the paraphrases. Then this.

Folks, we have to figure something out before we jump on this bandwagon. Is the Bible a "special" book written by men who were inspired by God to write down exactly what He wanted recorded? Or is the Bible just another book with good moral lessons? If the Bible is the first, then every word in the Bible is as important as any other word. The words are there for a reason.

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