Sprint PCS Service

It has been several days since I posted about our new cell phones and service plans. So far, we have been very happy with the new phones. We had a queston about the no roaming option we have…I thought I would post how it works so anyone looking to get Sprint service could know.

As I posted my New Cell Phones and Plan post, our plan has roaming included. What this means is that even if our phones say roaming, we don't get charged. The question we had was how do those minutes get deducted from our plan? I assumed that it would come out of our anytime minute pool. Boy was I wrong.

Here is how it works: while roaming, the calls get applied just as if we weren't roaming. A call to a PCS phone would come out of our PCS to PCS minutes. A call at night or on the weekends would come out of those minutes. Only a call during the day would come out of our anytime minutes.

Go Sprint!

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