For those who don't know, I was active in the BSU (Baptist Student Union) at Marshall University when I was there. My first year, the BSU was good sized and had probably 20 regulars. The next year, the president didn't do such a good job and attendance went down. The next year, I was elected president. We started off the year with 5-10 regulars and grew to about 15-20. The year after that, the growth continued. We weren't as big as some of the other groups on campus, but we were solid and growing. Thrown into all this, after my year as president, there was a big tado at the state level and we lost our campus minister. The next year, we didn't really have one and had to make everything up on our own. After I graduated, things continued going downhill.

I hadn't been back in Huntington recently, but I think often of the BSU and the people I knew there. The group definantly made the group. Anyway, I digress.

Cyndi stopped by the Christian Center at Marshall today and met the current BSU Director. Only it isn't called BSU anymore. Most BSU groups changed their name to BCM; however, Marshall already had a BCM group so they chose the name Revolution. From what Cyndi said, when the current director arived, there was only a remnant of 3 people meeting on Mondays (traditional BSU night) for prayer. Anyway, the group has now grown to over 60 people! Praise God!

Here is a link to their website:

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