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Firstly, I have more information about this post about the man who lost his wife in the storm. Thanks to TH who left this in the comments of that post:

That story was from WKRG TV in Mobile. The man (Mr. Jackson) was from Biloxi. The news journalist's last name is Mayerley. She has had alot of response to that candid interview with the distraught man…emails from around the world, she said. Later today, on WKRG, she said that there are hundereds of family members like Mr. Jackson. We can not all help him, personally, but we can give to every victim…by giving to United Way or the Red Cross, or any church group or agency that will aid the vicitims.

We live in the WKRG viewing area, so we saw the interview, Live. Almost unbelievable at first. I think it's hard to imagine such devestation right down the road. We will give and we will PRAY!! I know you will too. God is STILL in control and WE are STILL his helping hands, standing in the gap for our neighbors in prayer!

Thanks for caring about this poor man in Biloxi…and all the victims of Katrina.

If anyone in the storm area needs any phone calls made to relatives, I'll be willing. Drop me a line, leave me a message, and I'll call anyone you want to let them know you are ok. My contact information can be found here.

If there is any other ways I can help out from here, I'm willing. The people in the area are on my mind in prayer quite often.

Fox News has this story about the flooding in New Orleans.

CNN has this $4 gas sometime.

I lived in Hermann, MO in the '91 Mississippi/Misouri River floods. We weren't impacted, but had friends who were. Hermann was greatly impacted. You pull together to help out your neighbors any way you can. Christians, imagine what an opportunity you have to live out your faith to your friends. Let them see where your priorities really lie.

Here is a picture that went around work of FBC Gulfport:

What kind of witness would it be if the membership would show up tonight singing and worshiping God. What do they have to be thankful for? Well…they are alive for one. Second, they can be thankful for the opportunity to minister to their neighbors. In lots of these places outsiders cannot get in to help. Help has to come from those who are there.

The pictures below reminds me of pictures of levees breaking in the '91 floods. I wonder why the levees in New Orleans broke so fast. The ones in MO lasted just about all summer before they broke. Anyone have any ideas? I found the first picture on the website. The second came from FoxNews. I would have linked to it, but couldn't find the URL.

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