Why Hasn’t Pres. Bush…

This blogger is asking why Pres. Bush hasn't done more with the military to curb violence and looting in New Orleans.

Why hasn't the President, who is back from his vacation, send troops down to assist with the looters/prisoners? Wouldn't this call for them to restore some type of order? Again, this maybe a naive question but I don't live in a major metropolis so I honestly don't know the procedure.

The answer is simple and doesn't have anything to do with politics. According to the Posse Comitatus Act, the US military is prohibited from exercising law enforcement within the United States. I for one agree with this. The US military isn't trained to keep law and order. They are trained for war. War where the point is to KILL PEOPLE and BREAK THINGS. Good law enforcement keeps these two things to a minimum.

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