Taking a Stand

Reading blogs this evening, I came across some posts about pharmacists who have refused to follow the orders of the IL state Governor.

Illinois pharmacists defy Blagojevich
Another pharmacist opposing Blagojevich

Here are some quotes:

Metro East pharmacists Peggy Pace, John Menges and Gaylord Richard Quayle say they will not compromise their religious beliefs by filling emergency contraception prescriptions – something Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich says they must do.

Rep. Ron Stephens, a Republican from Greenville and a pharmacist, said he, too, will defy the governor's emergency rule that a legislative committee made permanent last week, forcing morning-after pill prescriptions to be filled.

Their positions set up a legal showdown between the state and pro-life pharmacists who see filling the prescriptions, in essence, as participating in an abortion.

A new rule in Illinois — the first of its kind in the United States — tells pharmacists that if they're in the business of selling contraceptives, they must fill all contraceptive prescriptions, including those for so-called "morning-after" birth-control pills.

Luke Vander Bleek owns four pharmacies in suburban Chicago and is one of several pharmacists suing Gov. Rod Blagojevich (search) over the administrative rule, which was approved by a rule-making panel of the Illinois Legislature last week.

Vander Bleek said he sells regular oral contraceptives, but is not willing to sell the "morning-after" pill known as Plan B.

He considers it tantamount to abortion, since it is taken after sexual intercourse and can prevent the implantation of a fertilized egg in the uterus.

I'm sure these professionals will come under fire for standing up for their beliefs. I wonder who we could write to to express support for these pharmacists? Oh well, I guess this blog will have to do….I'm glad these guys are standing for what they believe in. I'm praying they will stand strong in the face of opposition. Don't back down.

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