Harry Potter Bible School?

This is just nuts. A "church" in Pennsylvania has decided to do a Harry Potter themed Bible School this year.

According to Associated Press, "Wizards and Wonders: The Journey with Harry Potter" is, uh, taking off as young ones mount their broomsticks and learn to fly at the "Hogwarts School of Wizardry and Witchcraft" which teaches them this and other nuances of the interconnectedness of witches, wizards and magic with Scripture.

Far be it from the church growth pundits to criticize growth in any normal sense, especially when it comes from a denomination that has been losing members hand over fist for decades. But have we really digressed this far? Wizards? Flying broomsticks? Witchcraft … and the gospel of Jesus Christ?

Enrollment has doubled!

But, asks the holy skeptic, at what cost? The Episcopal Church, along with other mainline denominations, has cheapened Scripture (which didn't work for church growth), discounted traditional Judeo-Christian morality (which also didn't work for growth), lowered standards of membership (again, didn't work), and has so confused a church in Pennsylvania that its members decided to try Harry Potter to see if witches, wizards, and magic might not work wonders for the appeal of Christ.

But … enrollment has doubled!

ARG! This is exactly what is wrong with most churches. Yes, we have to figure out how to be relevant and reach people; however, we also have to be set apart and different (remember the salt and light?!). No wonder people are fleeing "church." They see this double standard. What is next, "Christian" strip joints to reach the people who go to strip joints? Christian porn (porn, but at the end, it has the plan of salvation or something) to reach them?

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