Splitting California??

I received this link today dealing with Splitting California into three states. What an idea! What a way for the liberals to rip control. With three states instead of two, liberal power in the senate would increase by 4 (remember, each state gets two regardless of size). This is the same as New York City becoming a state or Washington DC statehood.

Now, I have heard (but not found any "credible" references on Google) that the treaty that brought the Republic of Texas into the US allowed it to be divided into as many as 5 states. If the liberals want to carve up California, New York, and DC just to steal the senate (and the government) back, I say split Texas. But, remember that not only does the US Government have to agree to the split but the state the that is being split has to agree too.

This–a state splitting–has only happened once that I know of. That was in the Civil War when Virginia split from Virginia. That happened, basically, because of a technicality of how the founding fathers of WV were recognized as the "Restored Government of Virginia" and asked themselves for permission to split. For more information, these sites are interesting:


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