“Christian Spam”

Well, it seems people are using "christian" feelings to try and trick people with the old nigerian spam trick. Look at this piece of spam I received today:

Paul Rickey & Associates
Barr. Paul Rickey (Esq.)
Tel/Fax #:+448701206888

Dear Beloved in Christ,

It is with Heavy Heart i am reaching you regarding the death of my late client.

I am Paul Rickey, the legal adviser to late MR. MIKE & CAROL HALL, a very Wealthy Couple that lived here in the United Kingdom, before their recent Death on the 26th of December during the Tsunami disaster last year (2004). http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/bristol/4153821.stm) these couple served God as very dedicated Christians, they so dedicated their life to God but they had no child till they died. They acquired a lot of landed properties like lands, Stocks/Bond, house properties, etc. As their legal adviser, before their death,the husband Mr. Mike & Carol Hall instructed me to write his WILL because they had no child, they dedicated their wealth to God.

According to the WILL, their assets should be given out to a ministry for the work of God. As their legal adviser, all the documents for the assets that are deposited with the security company are in my care. He gave me the authority to give out the funds to the Ministries for the work of God.

As instructed by MR.MIKE HALL before his death. As a matter of fact the total amount of money that is contained in the two trunk Boxes is US$10,000,000.00, They did not want the management of the Security Company to know the content of the consignments,therefore they registered the content of the consignments as Gold Bars. Now, the security company believes that what They deposited with them were Gold Bars.

As a born again Christian, I have been reading my bible and I have to do what is lawful and right in the sight of God by giving out the fund to the chosen ministry for the purpose of God's work as instructed by the owner before his death. After my fasting and prayers Today, I asked God to make his choice and direct me to an honest Christian or the chosen ministry that deserves this fund by his Grace.

I then came across your address on the Internet as I was browsing through a Christian site. I appeal to you for the fund to be used wisely for things that will glorify the name of God. I have just notified the Security Company where they deposited the consignments that contained the fund, that I am moving the consignment abroad, and the security company is awaiting my authority to move the consignment out of the shores of my country.

Dear child of Zion, if you know that you will use this fund honestly and wisely for things that will glorify God's name, then do contact me with the above mentioned information via Fax:+44 8701206888 Your prompt response will be highly appreciated; Do send me your contact telephone number so that I can reach you on telephone.

Fax me on +44 8701206888

In His Services,

Barr. Paul Rickey (Esq)

Why pick a person? Why not give the money to some great mission sending agency? ARG. SPAM

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