Awesome Story

I received this from a coworker today. It is shared with her permission. God is Awesome!

Many of you know that my mom was diagnosed with bone cancer a couple of years ago. Her condition has continued to worsen as the cancer has slowly spread. Bone cancer is extremely painful and she has been taking morphine for quite awhile now. A couple of weeks ago she was to begin 18 weeks of chemo once a week on Thursdays. Because of her breast cancer they are unable to give it to her in the normal way and were going to put in a “port” in her neck to administer the chemo. Before beginning treatment she went to Minnesota for a week to visit her older sisters – “for the last time.”

When she returned to Wisconsin, she began to vomit and couldn’t keep anything down. After about a week she was admitted into the hospital. They tried to perform a brain scan but the vomiting wouldn’t let them continue. They were able to do an MRI and some other tests and were able to confirm that as far as they were able to determine, the cancer has not spread to her other organs yet. They couldn’t figure out what was causing the vomiting, however, and any medication they tried didn’t work.

On Thursday, my mom had a very bad day. She was in a lot of pain and the vomiting continued. She was weak and just wanted to die. She cried out to God around midnight to either take away the nausea and vomiting or to take her Home. A short time later a nurse came in with a pill for her to take. She said it would help with the nausea. My mom took the pill and almost immediately began to feel better. The next day when her two doctors came to check on her they asked her how she felt. She responded that she felt much better and that the nausea and vomiting had stopped. They asked her what had changed. She told them about the nurse who came in with some medicine for her.

They told her that they had not prescribed anything new for her. They checked the charts and there was no notation made for the medication given in the night. They asked my mother for a description of the nurse and they had no one who matched that description working there. They then brought the big pill book for her to identify the pill she was given. She found it and pointed out a small yellow pillow. The doctor confirmed that it was a pill given for nausea but he said that her medical bracelet that she always wears because she is allergic to many kinds of medicine indicated that she could not have this pill. He then made a note in her charts that she could be given this pill.

Both of her cancer doctors are born-again Christians. One of them said, “It must have been an angel. There’s no other explanation for this.”

Yesterday she was able to leave the hospital. She is currently staying with one of my sisters so someone can be with her 24/7.

Also enjoy reading the story about the baptistry that refilled.

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