Dairy Industry

Agape Press is reporting that Ellison Bakery has pulled its adds from a trade publication.

For years Ellison Bakery has advertised extensively in Dairy Field magazine, a trade publication for the dairy industry. Recently, however, Dairy Field ran an editorial critical of conservative pro-family groups such as the American Family Association for censuring Kraft Foods for its pro-homosexual policies. AFA has particularly targeted Kraft lately because of the food company's sponsorship of the 2006 Gay Games in Chicago.

Upon seeing the editorial criticizing the pro-family group, Ellison Bakery general manager Todd Wallin quickly pulled the company's $20,000 advertising account from the magazine. "This is not a personal attack against people who have chosen this type of lifestyle," he hastens to explain, adding that homosexuals, like all people "are created in the image of God." Nevertheless, the executive adds, "I don't support things that would promote people making those bad choices."

If I bought dairy cookies, I would buy them from Ellison.

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