Today’s Prayer List

I'm learning more and more about things the International Mission Board does. For example, you can go here and get sent an e-mail every week day detailing out prayer requests. Below is an example of what you'll get:

WORLD LEADERS Please pray today for President Askar Akayev of Kyrgyzstan (central Asia, west of China).

COSTA RICA Pray for the missionaries serving in Costa Rica. Last month there were attacks on several missionaries–spiritual and physical. Several of these missionaries are students studying Spanish in Costa Rica before moving to their field of service. Pray for their protection from the enemy as they move about the country. Pray for devotion and renewal in their walk with our Father.

GUADALAJARA, MEXICO Team Guadalajara writes: "Thank you for your prayers for an area known as Santa Fe. The first phase in this planned community has 10,000 houses, and there is no evangelical church in the area. We have encountered few Christians, and each one has explained that they drive more than an hour to attend church. Pray for outreach activities on June 18-24. The gospel will be communicated through drama, games and a crucifixion scene where 'Jesus' (an actor) will explain his future plans after the cross. Pray that a church will be birthed in Santa Fe. Intercede for F as he leads this work."

MUSLIMS OF THE BALKANS Please pray for two students coming to spend their summer among the Muslims of the Balkans. They will be distributing the Word in an urban area, as well as encouraging and discipling national believers.

UNENGAGED PEOPLES OF SOUTH ASIA There are almost 4 million Kachhi Hindus living in India. They speak the Sindhi language as well as several other major languages. The Bible, the JESUS film, Christian radio broadcasts and other Christian materials are available in their language. However, there are only about 200 known Kachhi Christians. Pray that the Lord's message will spread rapidly among them and be honored wherever it goes. Pray that these few Christians will be bold in their proclamation of the faith. Pray that they will be delivered from evil and perverse men who would seek to destroy them.

SOUTH ASIA UNBOUND The young man had been acting strangely. He tried repeatedly to run away, with the people of his village grabbing him and holding him until his brother arrived to take him home. One day he broke away and ran and ran. The villagers tried to follow him to bring him back, but he never stopped running. Days passed. The believers from the village began praying constantly for him. Finally, someone saw the run-away collapse under a tree. The believers gathered around him, but when they touched his body, it was already turning cold. They carried him home and continued to pray over him. They did not want to call a doctor, only pray. Finally, the young man regained consciousness and shared this testimony: "While I was running, it seemed to me that two girls were carrying me along and we were following a big, strong man wearing black. He ran, and we ran behind him. Then there was a man in white near us, carrying a rope. He struck the three others and they fel l to one side. I myself also fell, but to the other side. I was now unconscious under the tree. Then the man in white stood next to me and offered me the rope he was carrying. He told me to grab hold of it and stand up. At that time, I realized this man in white was Jesus Christ, and he is truly the one to believe in. At this point, I regained consciousness." He accepted Christ as his Savior, and he now joins the believers in rejoicing and telling the Good News to others who are bound in the dark kingdom of Satan. Praise God for the persistence in prayer of the believers. Praise Him for answering, for revealing Himself, and saving this young man.

MUSLIMS: PRAYING BEYOND THE WALL For the past two months, you have been praying for three Muslim people groups that have no known Christian work among them. These are the Moghal (in Jammu and Kashmir in India), the Mawalud (in Maharashtra, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, India) and the Qazi (in Bihar, Gujurat, Rajasthan and West Bengal, India). This month plead for God's mercy upon these peoples, and intercede for the governments (all kings and authorities) of the states in which they reside, according to Paul's instructions in 1 Timothy 2:1-4.

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