Unveiling Islam

With my new interest in the Mid-East, I decided I should learn some more about Islam. While the oil in my car was being changed today, I wandered over to a book-a-million store. Browsing the religion section, I found Unveiling Islam. Written by the Caner brothers (Ergun and Emir) who were converts to Christianity from Islam. You can see Emir's Biography here and Ergun's here.

Basically, the book boils down to this. If you want to witness to a Muslim, you need to know the following things:

1)what you believe — so you can defend it
2)What they believe — so you don't offend them by what you do (did you know that in addition to not eating pork, Muslims don't eat shellfish? Do you know why you should, essentially, not do anything with your left hand (eat, shake hands, etc…)
3)Know what has happened in history and where you stand (What do Muslims think of the crusades? Why?)

Those things are important so you can get an opportunity to witness to them. For an indepth review of the book, click here.

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