Glory Days?

This Baptist Press article talks about the "Glory days" of the SBC. That brings up an interesting question. What made them the Glory Days? It certanly wasn't money given. It wasn't a lack of disagreement. It wasn't the Conservative Resurgance. While those things were good, the author makes the point that it was because of "Souls! Souls! Souls!"

I happen to agree with him. Christians, WAKE UP! There is a world of lostness out there! We have the answer! We need to love and care for these people enough to "Go Tell!" (Interestingly enough, in the early 1980's an evangelist came to our church in Beeville and preached a crusade entitled that same thing. I think it was Mr. Gage.)

Church, we don't need more programs. We don't need more this or more that. We need more people who CARE about the lostness of people. Go look at these IMB pictures of lost people in the world and tell me they don't need Jesus.

In my opinion dead orthodoxy has created a lack of passion for souls in our pulpits. The battle for the Bible has been won. The battle for souls has not begun.

Church, we need to start that fight! We need to get in the ring! Stand up! Be counted! Care for a lost and dying world!

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